WebInspect can't Crawl webSite that requires IE "Compatibility mode"

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WebInspect can't Crawl webSite that requires IE "Compatibility mode"

I'm running both WI 9.30 and 10.1 in my test environment.  Both are installed on a Win7 server that has IE 10 along with Firefox 22 and 24.  I'm trying to scan an older website that requires IE be set in compatibility mode in order to render as a functional web page.  I can make a login macro using the tru-client macro recorder and a web session macro using the web proxy tool (in IE, but only if I add the website into the compatibiliyt view settings, or in Firefox with a manually configured preoxy setting).  When I  start a workflow-driven scan, it runs through the site, but if i look at the HTTP responses in the Sesion Info for any of the pages audited they are all 404 Bad Requests (see attached). 


Is there something I can do to make these scans work?

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Re: WebInspect can't Crawl webSite that requires IE "Compatibility mode"

In both versions of WebInspect you have its own internal browser that is roughly equivalent to MSIE and in the TruClient recorder you have an older (v3.x?) Firefox.  when the scan is running, WebInspect will request the pages and not balk about any compatibility or other display issues, certificate prompts, et al, it simply accepts everything.


For the 400 Bad Request Response you posted, look at the Request to see what details are provided by the various X-Memo headers WebInspect inserts.  This data is "our developer speak", but it should indicate why WebInspect made this request.  This may be part of the Macro, or an Audit, or general Crawling.


On your subsequent scans you will want to enable the Traffic Monitor scan setting.  This will provide you 100% information on what has occurred during the specific scan and its requests.  this will include details such as are the 400 Responses occurring for the pre-recorded traffic or the live traffic that follows?  Also, you can compare the live scan Responses to those originally recorded to see if there are differences.  Could there be custom State-keeping parameters that were naturally handled in the browser during the Macro recording which need to be added to the scan settings (HTTP Parsing panel)?

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