WebInspect Scans "Timing Out"

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WebInspect Scans "Timing Out"

Hello, all. Long time user, first time caller.


About two weeks ago, one of my scans simply stopped progressing. The Crawl completed (approximately 500 links) and the Audit got about 1/4 the way done (500 out of 2,000, approximately) and then all progress stopped. I let the scan run for another 24 hours with no progress before attempting to stop ("Pause") it.


After clicking pause, both the "Start/Resume" and the "Pause" buttons at the top of WebInspect became grayed out. The scan never fully stopped and ended up getting hung up in limbo land. I let it sit this way over night and it never recovered. I was not able to delete the scan using the GUI. To remove the scan from the list and the database, I ended up manually removing the scan via SQL following the instructions I found here: (


I have since launched a few more scans and they are all acting the same way. On each scan the crawl completes and then the audit stops progressing about 1/3 the way through the scan. The scan status shows "running" but all progress stops. Pausing the scan ends up hanging it up indefinitely.


I have WebInspect installed on a Windows 2003 servers, using SQL 2008 on a separate server as the back end. I have rebooted both servers. Every drive on both servers has at least 10 gig free, so it's not a space issue. Both servers are quad-core boxes with 16 gigs of ram, so I don't think it's a resource issue. On my front end server, WebInspect is using 25% of the CPU, even though the scan doesn't appear to be progressing. It's been stuck in the same place for 24 hours now.


In an attempt to determine whether or not the database was corrupt, I pointed WebInspect to a new database on the same SQL server. Same results.


I currently have two scans open, one in the "hung" stage (with Start/Resume and Pause both grayed out) and one in the "running" stage (where all progress has stopped). I have the two scan license.


Any ideas on where to begin troubleshooting?

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Re: WebInspect Scans "Timing Out"

This sounds like something that the Development/Support team would need to investigate with you.  Would be quicker than a user forum thread, although the ultimate fix would be of interest.




In the data collection process, they will probably ask you for these:


  • Run the Support Tool under the Help menu to capture all the installation's details in one step.


  • Edit the Logging level of WebInspect temporarily from WARN to DEBUG, replicate the issue, and grab the entire folder "000..." found under the Logs directory.

               - See the Application Settings > Logging

              - See the Application Settings > Directories


  • Run WIDump tool while in the hung state to capture everything that is operating.

              - Located in the WebInspect installation folder.

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Re: WebInspect Scans "Timing Out"

Even I am also facing similar issue, no progress in scan results but still shows running mode.

Did you get any solution ?

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Re: WebInspect Scans "Timing Out"

A quick way to monitor the state of a scan is to run it through the Web Proxy tool.  Here are the steps needed to insert that tool into a running scan.  Obviously, you can substitute your preferred intercept proxy in place of Web Proxy.


  1. Pause the scan.
  2. Open the Web Proxy tool.
  3. Edit the Proxy's settings to run on your desired port, e.g. 8080.
  4. If needed, set the Web Proxy to connect through the same network proxy that you had configured in the WebInspect scan settings.
  5. Press the Play icon in the toolbar area to put the Proxy into Listening Mode.
  6. Back in WebInspect, open the Edit menu > Current Scan Settings > Proxy panel.
  7. Set an Explicit Proxy for the port served by Web Proxy, e.g.
  8. Save those settings.
  9. Press the Resume button in WebInspect to continue.
  10. Web Proxy should be showing you all the traffic, so even if the WebInspect Dashboard appears quiet, you can see the actual requests behind the scenes.



When satisfied, Pause the scan, undo the proxy configuration in the WebInspect Current Scan Settings, and Resume the scan without the tool monitoring it.

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Re: WebInspect Scans "Timing Out"

This happens to me (WebInspect scans timing out and the buttons turning gray forever) at least once a week.  Very frustruating, because I end up losing all of the data in the scan and have to start over.  I've been trying unsuccessfully to get this thing to work for months now.  It's horrible.

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Re: WebInspect Scans "Timing Out"

Are you on the latest version and are you using the default scan settings or have you modified them in some way?

If the problem occurs that often, opening a support ticket ( would be the best approach as the team would very much like to get to the bottom of any issues such as these.