Web macro recorder shows certificate error

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Web macro recorder shows certificate error



I am trying to use the HP web macro recorder and record either a login / workfow macro ...and while trying to navigate to any site ..lets say www.google.com for an instance ...


the browser was displaying the certificate error and there was no option to move forward and record the macro ...


The HP addon for IE 9 was enabled as well .. i didnt find any other procedure to fix this...!





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Re: Web macro recorder shows certificate error

You should be able to simply click the accept button and continue.  You might need to contact Fortify Support on this.


Within the Web Macro Recorder tool ("WMR") there is a browser button, defaulting to Firefox but also permitting MSIE.  If the Firefox option does not work, switch this option to the IE choice.  What will happen is that the latest, "TruClient" version of the WMR will close and the older Session-based WMR tool will open.  This previous recorder operated by hooking into IE as a localhost proxy and it captures the raw traffic, nothing fancy.  After recording it provides some options for editing and adjusting the captured sessions and identifying state-keeping parameters, but nothing quite as expansive as offered in the TruClient WMR.


The current TruClient WMR tool in WebInspect 10.10 is using an older Firefox (3.x?), so this may or may not be causing some of your trouble. We hope to correct that oversight in the future.

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