Using WebInspect over a Remote Desktop Connection?

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Using WebInspect over a Remote Desktop Connection?

We've used Remote Desktop to operate our WebInspect instance for quite a while.

Suddenly, it's not usable any longer because large areas of the screen don't render on the remote system.

What you see in those areas is whatever was on that area of the screen previously (screen wallpaper, etc.) If you pop up a menu over those areas, it stays there even though the menu exits.


For example, I start WebInspect - what I see is the menubar, up to the "Start Page" tab. Then a blank area below and to the left. The only other thing showing is the "Welcome to HP WebInspect 9.20" text. 


Some dialog boxes pop up and work, and others don't. 


This isn't a WebInspect problem as far as I can tell, but I'm stumped about what might be causing it. Any ideas?



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Re: Using WebInspect over a Remote Desktop Connection?

I checked the HP Support SSO portal Self-Solve for items covering "rdp" and "display" but did not locate a relevant article for this.


Double-check that the various screen resolutions (remote machine, RDP connection, et al) all suit the WebInspect 9.20 system requirements for display.



Also, check the recent Windows Updates for your OS and see if there were any advisories for them regarding either RDP, TSC, or displays.

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Re: Using WebInspect over a Remote Desktop Connection?


The display parameters are appropriate on both ends.

No obvious pending patches. Uninstalling several months of patches didn't resolve the issue, either.


Using a Linux system's remote terminal program shows the same display artifact, interestingly enough.


I am able to remotely use the system using VNC versus Remote Desktop; that displays Webinspect correctly. Unfortunately, that has a number of limitations and usability issues that Remote Desktop didn't have.


I'm still trying to find the cause of this and will post here if succcessful.

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