Manual mode scan settings help

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Manual mode scan settings help


I started one scan in manual mode in WebInspect .
Just before starting the scan , I had to specify links that was to be scanned in step mode.

How can I get the links after the scan is started also can I edit the settings (if a url I don't want to scan)?

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Ankur Singh

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Re: Manual mode scan settings help

Hi Ankur,


I would recommend looking at this link for some help.





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Re: Manual mode scan settings help - editing Start URL & accessing workflows from Guided Scan

AnkurSingh ;

This response has two parts.
  1. Editing the saved Starting URL in a saved scan settings file.
  2. Accessing and editing the workflows (macros) recorded during a Guided Scan wizard.

Once you save the WebInspect scan settings, you can always edit them.


If you failed to save the scan settings during the scan wizard process, you can still access them at any time the scan is either Paused or Completed.  Simply bring the scan on-screen in WebInspect, then open the Edit menu > Current Scan Settings.  The lower left corner of the new window offers the ability to "Save Settings As", which will generate the necessary XML file to work on.


The settings files can be edited in a variety of places.

  1. Edit menu > Manage Settings > high-light the file > Edit button > (makes changes) > OK (to save).
  2. Edit menu > Default Scan Settings > "Load Settings From File" > (make changes) > "Save Settings As" ___ > Cancel (in order to not over-write Defaults, unless desired).
  3. Use Notepad or other pure text editor on the XML file itself.


The URL stored within the Current Scan Settings is not visible in the first two typical WebInspect UI's described above, so you will need to use the text editor method #3.  Check your Application Settings (Directories panel) within WebInspect to verify the path, but the current default location of the settings files in WebInspect 10.0 on Windows 7 is C:\ProgramData\HP\HP WebInspect\Settings\


Within the settings file, you will want to reset the following tags to effectively erase the stored original URL.

  • <StartUrl>original_url</StartUrl>  becomes <StartUrl />
  • <ScanName>Site: original_url</ScanName>  becomes <ScanName />


You might also find other artifacts from the original scan that need edits, such as:

  • <LookupList><string>original_url</string> becomes <LookupList><string />
  • Entries under the <GuidedSetupConfiguration> tag:  &lt;ValidatedStartURL&gt;original_url/&lt;/ValidatedStartURL&gt;




Separate from editing the stored Starting URL, you also wanted to know how to access the Workflow and other macros that were recorded during the Guided Scan wizard.    To do this, you will need to have saved your desired scan setting file, as described above.


1. Next, you will need to start the Guided Scan wizard, and then click the toolbar button for "Open" to load that saved setting file into the wizard.


2. Navigate in the Guided Scan phase panels (left-hand side) to Workflows > 1. Manage Workflows.

         * Once there, you will see a listing of your previously recorded Macros ("workflows").


3. Select the workflow/macro that you wish to edit and click either Export or Edit.

         *Based on your Application Settings (Directories panel), the default folder for exported (Saved) web macros will be C:\Users\%CURRENTUSER%\Documents\SPI Dynamics\Tools\


4. Exported (saved) web macros can be edited outside of the Guided Scan wizard by using the Web Macro Recorder tool.

-- Habeas Data
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Re: Manual mode scan settings help - editing Start URL & accessing workflows from Guided Scan

Thanks Habeas Data for the detailed information. :)

Ankur Kr. Singh

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Re: Manual mode scan settings help

Hi ,
I referred WebInspect user guide before posting this, but I was not getting the exact solution . Hence I posted.

Thanks and regards,
Ankur Singh.