Making Web Macro Recorder and Manual Scan work with IE 9

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Making Web Macro Recorder and Manual Scan work with IE 9

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With upgrades to IE 9 WebInspect users may find that the Web Macro Recorder and Manual Scan features stop working. This work stoppage may not be synchronized with the installation of IE 9 because it is related to a new IE 9 “disable add ins” feature. 


IE 9 now presents a sort of dialog at the bottom of the screen that encourages users to improve browser performance by disabling add-ons.  (Figure 1).  When the uses clicks the Choose Add-ons button a dialog  opens that lists all the enabled browser add-ons, lists the performance hit and facilitates disabling unnecessary add in’s.  Some users may see the control used for macros and step mode and decide to disable the control. (Figure 2). Others may choose to use the disable all button. They may choose to do this out of desperation because the browser produces the dialog in figure 1 every time it experiences ‘slow’ performance.


The effect of disabling the browser helper object control is pretty apparent from the subject of this post.  Neither manual scans nor the macro recorder work correctly when the control is not present and enabled. The features will load and open browser windows, but no activity will be captured or recorded.


Re-enabling the control is a relatively simple procedure

  1. Open the browser and from the menu select TOOLS > Internet options
  2. Next, select the Programs Tab and click the Manage add-ons button.
  3. The manage add-ons window will open in it you will see the HP.AppSec.IEPlugin.BrowserHelper object listed (figure 3). If the status is Disabled select the add on and click the Enable button that displays once highlighted.

 After enabling the browser control you will need to restart your macro recorder or step mode operations. Restarting the scan wizard and reopening browsers might also be a sensible precaution.

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Re: Making Web Macro Recorder and Manual Scan work with IE 9

The specified Addon is enabled in IE9. But still, the manaul crawl is not recorded when the page is opened in multiple tabs in IE9.

Using Webinspect veriosn 10.1. Please suggest a resolution.