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LIM Initialization Problem

Occasional Advisor

LIM Initialization Problem



We got concurrent web inspect licenses. But LIM is throwing an error like "Agent service not started" when it is initializing and not properly installed. Can anybody help me with the root-cause of this problem and solution.


Thanks much in advance.


Re: LIM Initialization Problem

The LIM has a troubleshooting FAQ in the Help file accessible through the start menu that should address this.

the Agent is a service that performs a lot of housekeeping activities for the LIM.  Most likely the issue is one of access permissions. the account used to start teh agent service must have access to the directories.

if you are installing on server 2008 you may want to launch LIM Initialize with teh "run as admin" command to ensure the lim user has access to the virtual and actual directories and files.

if that doesnt work check the windows event logs and the LIM logs to better isolate the cause of the problem. Your product support team shodul eb abel to assist you with this.



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Re: LIM Initialization Problem

Attached is the Help guide (CHM) from LIM version 2.0.  I believe you will not be able to access it easily in your situation of a failing initialization?

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