Trim web client Authentication

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Trim web client Authentication

Hi Guys

I have a question regarding the Web client. I'll try and make it as straight forward as i can...

I have a Trim 7 web client installed in my testing area.

When I navigate to it it asks for credentials..

I enter my AD account creds that also has a login account into the trim dataset  All good so far.

Is there any way to have it using pass through authentication as it does on the thick client? ie dont have to enter creds.


The reason I ask is because I also have the guest account setup on that dataset. and at present I have to have a guest account on the local machine as a sort of bogus account.


The original idea was to have people navigate to that page and if they didnt have an account they use the guest account automatically. At present they have to enter some account details it seems just to access the server itself?


Thanks to anyone that can help and gets what im trying to do here :smileytongue:



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Re: Trim web client Authentication

You should be able to make a change in the web.config file and set the clientCredentialType to "Windows".  This is from the install pdf:


Authentication prompts
HP TRIM Web Client prompts users for authentication although their credentials are

In Web.config, set clientCredentialType to Windows if it is set to NTLM:
<transport clientCredentialType="Windows" />

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Re: Trim web client Authentication

Make sure that your page is added to the trusted sites and ensure that the "Enable Integrated  Windows Authentication*" is turned on at the browser. (Tools->Internet Options->Advanced->Security)


Additionally, you might want to have a look at this article  which explains the conditions under which you will be prompted for credentials when using IE.

Hope that helps. 

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Re: Trim web client Authentication

Thanks Guys both solid answers.. yeah the config file is set for windows authentication. I think it most likely is IE settings I had a look though and the setting might be the automatically login to internet sites using current login il see how I go with that one..