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How to Extract Response Body from an HTTP Response

Greg Fraser_1
HPE Expert

How to Extract Response Body from an HTTP Response

Came across this one while we were working on a known issue for the webclient, it was unable to create new records in IE9, while this is a specific example using the debugger can be helpful in determining Webclient issues.


  1. Launch the Web Client using IE 9
  2. Press F12 on the Web Client page. This will display the IE debugger.
  3. Select the Network Tab on the debugger and click on the ‘Start Capturing’ button
  4. Click on “Create a new Record” from the main Screen of the Web Client.
  5. All the Requests from the application would be displayed in the browser as follows:
  6. Double click on the request that is in the following format:

  7. Double clicking would display the details of the response object. Click on the Response Body tab to display the contents
  8. Copy the contents of the response body from the Response body tab. 
  9. Forward the content in your support case to the HP Support team for review.


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