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VM file rename errors

Occasional Advisor

VM file rename errors

I'm getting the following errors for some of my VM backups:

Failed: Cannot rename the file V:\VMBack\stat-server\2016-11-06-213337\stat-server.vmx.110621333713.tmp to V:\VMBack\stat-server\2016-11-06-213337\stat-server.vmx (Access to the path 'V:\VMBack\stat-server\2016-11-06-213337\stat-server.vmx.110621333713.tmp' is denied.)"

The temp files appear to be the correct size, so it's possible that renaming them manually will make them usable, but of course I'd rather not get the errors. All of my backups worked 2 weeks ago, but I updated to the latest version around that time, so maybe that broke some backups. I have verified that the folder permission set in VMX are correct, and I have no problem using the account set there to browse and work with files in the VMBACK folder.

Also, how do I find the contract ID so that I can submit a ticket for this problem?


Occasional Advisor

Re: VM file rename errors

I found the instructions for updating my entitlements, so I've submitted a ticket.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event