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VM Recovery

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VM Recovery


I have a questions maybe somone can help

I have virtual machines backing up and i want to test one to make sure its backing up all ok. Is there a way to restore the VM not to an ESXI server but locally to test it on VM Player or Workstation





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Re: VM Recovery

Restore to VMware workstation or VM Player is not possible.

The "Instant VM Recovery" option of VM Explorer could an option for you.

It allows to power on a backup directly on a selected server without the need of restoring or copying any file using the Instant VM Recovery System.

You can perform any test during your Instant Recovery process, as none of your changes will be saved.
You can also remove any network adapters to avoid conflicts with the original VM (default option).
While the Instant VM is up and running, you can even perform a vMotion operation to migrate it on an existing datastore, making it a real VM, not dependent on the HPE VM Explorer Instant VM Recovery System.

This functionality has been designed especially for testing backups.

The User Guide describes this feature on page 86 (in version 6.3 documentation)