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VM Explorer with VMware and HP 3PAR (Using VVOL's)

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VM Explorer with VMware and HP 3PAR (Using VVOL's)

Hi, can anyone help me with the following problem? I've installed VM Explorer 6.3 and trying to carry out backup but the get the following error message. I have a VMware infrastructre with 4 hosts all running ESXi 6.0 and the storage is a SAN (HP 3PAR) and its configured to use VVOL's. Here is the error message when i attempt to back up VM's with VM explorer: (screen shot also included).

Error: HPE VM Explorer can't locate your VM files on your datastore. Probably some files are missing or your VM is using special characters in the VM name which are not supported correctly by ESX.
You can verify this issue by starting a browser and open the ESX webinterface. There choose the "Browse Datastores" options of your ESX and try to locate this VM.
Solutions: Check if all files related to the VM exist and rename your VM including all files or contact VMWare and report the issue that you can't browse your VM in the datastore browser.

(Error: GetVDisk exception: File ([CAA2_RADIOVM3PAR] naa.60002AC0000000000000009C00019B6C/vvol://cff4ef3b8b0d41b4-934cab4d02392481/naa.60002AC0000000000000009D00019B6C) not found)

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Re: VM Explorer with VMware and HP 3PAR (Using VVOL's)

Hi VVOLs are not supported at this time, only VMFS and NFS datastores.