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VM_Explorer can not be start

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VM_Explorer can not be start

Hi, there,

 We have a VM_explorer on windows server 2003 r2, and we can upgrades included until 2018-8-4.

Yesterday,  we upgraded it to ver. 6.2001, and it could not be start. The error message below


Please help us to fix the problem.


Ashok Goyat
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Re: VM_Explorer can not be start


If you browse, do you see existing certificates? if you find existing certificate then you can selct that.

Did you check certficate in "Personal Store" via MMC console of certificate on local computer ? Check, which hostname the certficate is issued to? is iot localhost or any other hostname? 


Ashok Goyat


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Re: VM_Explorer can not be start

VM Explorer 6.2.001 is  only  supported on the following platforms:

Windows 2008 R2
Windows 2012
Windows 2012 R2
Windows 2016

Looks like Windows 2003 R2 is lacking a functionality that is required for the certificate creation.

Possilble solutions:

  1. Update Windows 2003 R3 to a supported OS
  2. Move the HPE VM Explorer installation to computer with a supported OS.
    For a procedure how to move your installation to another computer, see:
    (VMX) Support Tip: How to move HPE VM Explorer to another computer?