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VM Explorer 6.1.002 Forever Incremental ?

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VM Explorer 6.1.002 Forever Incremental ?

Does HPE VM Explorer have the ability to do "forever incremental"

I have some large VM's that i need to have a few weeks of "versions" of backups.  The logical solution would be to take a full every 2 weeks then daily incrementals.  The problem I run into doing it this way is 2 fold.

1. The full that runs every 2 weeks takes forever because of the large VM's and I have so many of them they will overlap.

2. Once that new full is taken it deletes the incrementals and then i start new with no versions until they build up.


I would like VM explorer to have the ability to roll the incrementals into the full that is at the backup destination.... this way i would only have to take 1 full for each huge VM, and i would always have a consistent good set of "versions"

I have like 90 servers to backup.



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Re: VM Explorer 6.1.002 Forever Incremental ?

VM Explorer cannot do Forever Incremental. I've been waiting for this feature for over 2 years. It's currently the most requested feature on VM Explorer Uservoice page.


Feature was tagged as planned but not sure if/when this feature will be released.