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Unable to set Schedule - HPE VM Explorer 6.1.005

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Unable to set Schedule - HPE VM Explorer 6.1.005

Enterprise Edition. Running on a trial license, which expires 2016-12-31.

Installed VMx and added the license key without problems.

Hereafter three servers were added; one ESXi and two Hyper-V. Manually initiated backups completed successfully.


Issue:  I'm unable to add schedules.. The User Guide describes to methods - one by right click on the server under Datacenter view, and one via the Tasks pane, but neither give me an option to create a schedule.


As VMx is a trial version only, I do expect some limitations, but as the purpose is customer presentations and trainings, I'd like Trilead to confirm this as a 'trial-version limitation'  -  or even better, guidance on how to solve the problem


Hints and tips are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Per Algot

Per Algot
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Re: Unable to set Schedule - HPE VM Explorer 6.1.005

Problem solved. Found out how to double-click on the server to expand and select the VMs to backup

Right-click now shows all the options - including Create New Backup Schedule....

Per Algot
Sandeep Kumar S
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Re: Unable to set Schedule - HPE VM Explorer 6.1.005


Thanks for the response. Any trial license used “Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition”, will have all the feature available. There is no limitation for feature, but limitation on number days the license can run. Please refer the link below:


Hope this helps.