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Trilead - Performance issues backup to tape

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Trilead - Performance issues backup to tape


we have some issues with our trilead backup to tape performance . Our environment: Trilead 6.1.005, Windows Server 2008R2 (Not virtualized). HP MSL G3 2024 Autoloader (LTO 6) (Directly attached to Backup Server by SAS). Backup Source: 20TB Infortrend SAS Backup Storage.

Trilead has a backup to tape performance of 43.9MB/s. HP Tape Tools measured a performance of 95mb/s.  Both (The  Tape Tools-test and trilead backup) was measured with compression on.

Our Backup Storage was measured (by Tape Tools) with a backup speed of 135mb/s.

Somwhow trilead only uses half of the performance available. I attached the performance screenshots.

Would be glad for any help. Thanks.


Edit: I may found the issue. The VMX process is using 100% of one core (Server has a quad core). Could this be the issue? If yes, is there any way to lower the cpu usage, or use multicore processors for trilead? If not, we need a hardware upgrade. (Backup Server is an old DL380 G5).

Sandeep Kumar S
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Re: Trilead - Performance issues backup to tape


Please share the the logs to analyze along with the taskreport. 

In the Web Interface, go to "admin" -> "Settings" -> "Support" and click to "Generate New Debug Report". Download the zip file and provide it to us.

We shall look into it and suggest.