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New to Trilead


New to Trilead


    I am new to trilead software, so please bear with me. Some of these questions I will undoubtedly get answered when I read through all of the documentation, but for time reasons I won't be able to start that until later this week. In the meantime, I had the following quick questions and I'd love to hear from the active user community if they have used the product for these purposes before, and how it has functioned for them.

  1. If using Trilead between two datacenters over a site-to-site VPN how will the networking flows work between the two sites? From what I can understand, the Trilead host needs to have SSH and SSL access to the ESXi hosts at both ends, and Trilead installs an ESXi agent on them.
  2. Can Trilead do true site-to-site replication for “hot standby” purposes? The idea is that we want to replicate a set of VMs from one data center to another for an eventual "cut over", but we have to do it server by server, so we cannot just do a lift and shift. The servers need to be doing daily, and then hourly replications to ensure consistency. Eventually, Trilead will be used only for backups in the new environment.
  3. Can Trilead be configured to import current backups taken from a remote site and use them as initial replication targets for further synchronizations? Or is this a task that needs to be configured / built this way initially?
  4. Does Trilead support WAN compression protocols? If so, is a 2:1 compression a normal expectation?

Thanks in advance!