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How does manual replication transfer the data?

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How does manual replication transfer the data?


I'm currently testing VMX 6.1.005 with ESXi 6.0 U2 hosts and looking to optimize it's performance.

When I manually replicate a VM that resides in a local datastore on the ESXi host. According to the report I get about 90MB/s. How does VMX trigger the copy of the vmdk and flat flies? Is it just an API call against the host, so the host clones the vmdk and stores it in the local datastore? Or is data transferred through the Windows Server which is running the VMX service?

Thanks in advance!

Sandeep Kumar S
HPE Expert

Re: How does manual replication transfer the data?


Below is the process flow:

1) Initializing VD Service library.

2) Create memory snapshot.

3) Check Size Of VM vs DISK

4) Create Backup Snapshot

5) Copy file from Source To Target

6) Change the  VMDK file names.

7) Register VM

8) Remove Backup Snapshot

9) Remove Memory Snapshot

10 End VD Service

Hope this helps.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event