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Disaster Recovery testing

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Disaster Recovery testing

Good Day,

We will be performing an offsite disaster recovery test in a couple of weeks. Curious if anyone has had any experience "recovering" a HPE VM Explorer server from a "disaster". I currently back the vm explorer box to carbonite. So any advice would be great.



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Re: Disaster Recovery testing

1. Export the VM Explorer configuration
   Admin -> Settings Export / Import config file

2. Stop the “VM Explorer Service”

3. Create a copy of the backup history.
   To do so, back up the following files and folders:

4. Start the “VM Explorer Service”

5. Now I assume your primary VM Explorer would be down.
   In case of a test, make sure to disable the scheduler of the primary VM Explorer system in order
   to avoid overlapping of tasks between the two installations.

6. Install VM Explorer (same version) on a new system.

7. Configure the Web Interface.

8. Import the VM Explorer configuration
   Admin -> Settings Export / Import config file

9. Stop the “VM Explorer Service”

10. Restore the backup history.
    To do so, restore the following files and folders you backued up in step 3:

11. Start the “VM Explorer Service”

12. In case you had any backups stored on the primary VM Explorer system,
     make it available on the secondary VM Explorer system.
     Make sure to have the same drive letter and path structure.