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Can't deploy Manager Service to hyper-v server

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Can't deploy Manager Service to hyper-v server

I have purchased and been using HPE VM Exploer since May of this year.  I need support as one of the Hyper-V servers I am trying to add to the datacenter is failing with a message that it can't deploy the Manager Service.  I tried the explicit "deploy" and "restart" option in the agent settings without luck.  After this I tried to follow the link to manually download and install the agent, however the URL of http://trilead.com/download/agent just rediects to a useless product page.

I tried following the support instructions, created a support passport, and tried to add an entitlement using my SAID.  However the invoice number I have from my paid invoice is rejected as an invalid SAID and that is the only value on the receipt that fits that alpha-numerical format.

I started a chat session with a HPE rep, and after giving me the invoice number told me they couldn't help me.

I see the executable for the agent service in the install directory of HPE VM Explorer and could potentially manually get it installed using InstallUtil, but don't want to start going off script on production systems.

The fact that I can't get basic support, like the ability to download installers, on a paid product is just absurd.

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Re: Can't deploy Manager Service to hyper-v server


Download the below package "HPE VM Explorer Hyper-V Service Build 6.2.001" from the URL below:

Agent Download URL: http://www.trilead.com/Download/Agent/

Manually install the MSI file on the Hyper-V host. Verify that the “HPE VM Explorer Agent Manager Service" is running. If there is any issues with installation, check the event logs for any error.

With respect HPE Support use the following URL: https://softwaresupport.hpe.com/support-contact-information to call and open a support case.