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Backup Copies Not Copying


Backup Copies Not Copying

I have an incremental backuup schedule configured to back up 10 VMs to a local external drive. About a week later I decided i wanted to add a copy job to the schedule to another location on my network.

The backup schedule is completing each night, however, nothing is being copied to the backup location. I see that it created the folders but it didnt copy any files to it.

The task history logs has the yellow warning. says that it copied "x" amount of data succesfully, but yet there is nothing in the folder.

The copy backup task has finished successfully, but: Problem deleting old backup copy: old backup not found path: "F:\server-name\backup-version-2016-07-31-180141\2016-08-13-020019"; Problem deleting old backup copy: old backup not found path: "F:\server-name\backup-version-2016-07-31-180141\2016-08-13-020019"

During troubleshooting, I initially tried to simply copy all the backup files from the source directory to the target copy directy thinking VMX would see what was there and perform regular copy procedures. However I got this error in the logs:

Failed: Target directory exists and already contains a VM Explorer backup file

How do I properly perform a backup copy. It seems like this should be easy but it's not workiing for me yet. I've been at this for several days with no luck. I'm a near potential customer so I need to have answers fast or I will be looking elsewhere for a backup solution.

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Re: Backup Copies Not Copying


could you please create a test backup and copy for one snmall VM in the way as it can be seen in the attached screenshot?

And then execute it by clicking to "Run this Task Now ...".

Let me know if that works.

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