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Add ScaleIO system fails

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Add ScaleIO system fails


I have installed the trial of VMEplorer.

OS: W2012R2

I want to add a ScaleIO system to be able to backup and test the snapshotting capability of VMexplorer, but I cannot.

I add a display name

In Gateway hostname I set to the Ip of the MDM

MDM user and then pwd

I then press next and test ScaleIO connectivity is red with error "Error connection to ScaleIO host: Unable to connect to the remote server"

I have installed VMExplorer on one of the MDM.

If I switch ownership of the MDM and switch it to the MDM that has VMExplorer on it it fails with " Error connection to ScaleIO host: Server not found"

I am quite new to VMExplorer.

I installed it a few hours ago and want to test if this is something that i can use with my ScaleIO system.

Any idea?



Edit: I forgot to say that I am using ScaleIO R2_0.6035.0. Is this supported ? I cannot seem to find information about which ScaleIO release that is supported. 

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Re: Add ScaleIO system fails

Hello Michael,

your question is too complex to be answered in a forum post.

Would you mind to open a support case?

Best regards,


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Re: Add ScaleIO system fails

Hi, from the VM Explorer user manual, we only support ScaleIO v1.32 at this time.