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Which browser versions does UFT 11.5 support?

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Which browser versions does UFT 11.5 support?

Hi all,

I'm evaluating UTF 11.5 and after automating a web page, everything works fine with IE10, as expected.

But when I try to run the same script in FF 22 or Chrome 28, it doesn't work. Neither "Object Spy" recognize the object hierarchy.

In the case of FF not even can be selected in the 'Record and Run Settings' form.

After reading http://www.learnqtp.com/uft-qtp-browser-support-matrix/ I've updated to version 11.52, but the problem remains.

It seems unbelievable to me that UFT has such a bad browser support. Am I wrong?


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Re: Which browser versions does UFT 11.5 support?

FF22 and Chrome 28 is not currently supported by UFT 11.52. And yes, QTP/UFT is behind the rapid browser release (I don't know how quick other tools support browser release)

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Re: Which browser versions does UFT 11.5 support?

Does UFT 11.52 support Chrome version 41 onwards?

If not, when will have release patch that can support Chrome version 41 onwards?

The browser likes Firefox and Chrome has quite fast releases of the version, which UFT might not follow-up and compatible with this fast pace releases.  Just to highlight, otherwise the tool (with license cost) does not worthwhile then.


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Re: Which browser versions does UFT 11.5 support?

If you have a support contract with HP, you can find product availability matrices for all products here:



For UFT specifically, the above page provides a link to here:



Additionally you can search the knowledge base for patches that add support for new browsers, beyond what is specified in the Product Availability Matrix.


UFT 11.52 has been superseded by UFT 11.53.  A patch was released yesterday for UFT 11.53 to add support for Chrome 41, with support for Chrome 42 in beta release. It is unlikely a patch will be released specifically for v11.52.


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