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UFT12 identify object on Win8+IE11

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UFT12 identify object on Win8+IE11

Got UFT12 trail on my PC, when I use object spy to identify browser, it just can show WinObject rather than Browser object. I am sure the BHOManager.dll have been loaded, and launch UFT and then IE browser. Not sure if I missed something or IE11 has not been supported yet. In my work, I use Win7+IE9 to check BPT in virtual machine. Sometimes, I want to test some functions in my local PC, is there anyone encounter such issue?

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Re: UFT12 identify object on Win8+IE11

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As you may see in this image UFT 12 support IE 11.




Default support is only for with Protected Mode "OFF".


For Protected Mode "ON" support, a patch required: QTPWEB_00073.


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Re: UFT12 identify object on Win8+IE11

Thanks Ruddy10. It's working....

Re: UFT12 identify object on Win8+IE11





I see that you were able to get your HP UFT trial version working.  If you are nearing the end of your trial license period are interested in implementing the licensed version I am happy to help.





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