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[UFT12.00][Remote] Object recognization

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[UFT12.00][Remote] Object recognization

I write a script to run a test case IN remote desktop [Windows 7 64bit].

(i.e. the local desktop is only used for connection)



Set App = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")
App.Visible = True
App.Open "C:\Users\uft\Desktop\testcase"
Set App = Nothing
Set AppResult = Nothing



When I was connecting the remote desktop, the test case runs successfully


However, when I run the script without connecting the remote desktop, the test case will fail to recognize some of the object [e.g. keyboard object]. And the test case failed.


[For IE 9.0] Browser objects are failed to be recognized, like "OK" button of Dialog Message Box

[For FF 27.0] Keyboard objects


Why is this happened and how can I solve this?