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UFT unable to recognise Flex objects in IE9

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UFT unable to recognise Flex objects in IE9

Object spy is unable to recognise one particular flex object on my application. I am using IE9 in windows 7 64 bit machine. The object when recorded in IE8 gets captured with Flex add-in 4.6 but once I switch on to IE9, with the same add in, I am unable to see any object. The entire sub window appears as "WebElement: chat" when seen with object spy. I have installed all the necessary patches to QTP 11 and there aren't any bugs in the application. Please help.

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Re: UFT unable to recognise Flex objects in IE9



We currently support until SDK version 4.5, the issues face could be due to the fact you are using version 4.6, please tested with a quality assurance enviroment.:


What is the available support for Adobe Flex applications?




How to Prepare Flex Applications for Testing with HP Flex add-in?




Please refer to the ER:


Add Support for Flex SDK 4.6



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Re: UFT unable to recognise Flex objects in IE9

I am sorry Aileen. I checked it and my version of Flex plug in is 4.5 for HP QTP Pro. But still I went on to uninstall and reinstall it but without any success as still objects properties are not showing up in object spy.