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UFT API Test license error

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UFT API Test license error

My company has buy two licenses for QTP11 and add-ins, I currenly upgrade version to UFT 11.5. When I created API Test, I got the message "This operation requires a Unified Functional Testing license. To obtain a license, contact your HP Sales representative."


I tried upgrade to 11.51 and 11.52 but result is the same.

But I tried on the other computer, I can created API Test


Please help me,

Phuong Nguyen


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Re: UFT API Test license error

I am getting same error when I tried to create new API test.  Did you find any solution for this?

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Re: UFT API Test license error

Hi Phuong,

What kind of license that you buy for QTP? Before UFT, there are separate licenses for QTP and Service Test. Since the era of UFT, HP combined QTP (GUI) and Service Test (API) into single solution and introduce new license. That said you still able to use your existing QTP license to create GUI test, but you may not be able to create API test. You may either need another license for API test or use Unified Function Testing license for both GUI and API test.



P.S: I didn't notice that the topic was almost 5 months old :)