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UFT 11.53 with Chrome

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UFT 11.53 with Chrome



From HP product manuals, UFT 11.53 should support till chrome 30 version.





Is chrome support both record and playback? Till what version it support both? Do we have to set any settings to support the chrome?


Appreciate for the response.




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Re: UFT 11.53 with Chrome

Hello Swat,


     At the moment Chrome is supported only for replay.


     In order to configure Chrome you can follow these steps:


    Google Chrome Extensions have all their files into a single file ( .crx ), This bundling means that, unlike ordinary web apps,  extensions don't need to depend on content from the web.


    To get to the Extensions List that is currently installed in Chrome, navigate from Chrome- to: chrome://extensions


    Disable Google Chrome extension:


     Go to In Google Chrome Tools-->Extensions uncheck the “QuickTest Professional Agent” extension to disabled.

    Enabled Google Chrome extension for replay support:


     In Tools-->Extensions “QuickTest Professional Agent” extension Enabled.


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Re: UFT 11.53 with Chrome

Thank you.


Can we run the scripts on Chrome 31 using  UFT 11.53?

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Re: UFT 11.53 with Chrome



It is not listed as supported so scripts may or may not run correctly on it - it is not QAed and not guaranteed to work.

Please use supported version.




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