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UFT 11.53 Help is blank

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UFT 11.53 Help is blank

After updating my Windows 7 x64 system to UFT 11.53, I discovered that the UFT Help was a series of blank frames.


After filing a Service Request, came to discover that UFT 11.53 is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer 11.  This incompatibility includes not just the GUI testing but the Help system as well.  Unfortunately, IE 11 is now standard for Windows 7 (as of November 2013) and is offered as an optional update via Windows Update.


So, be forewarned, UFT 11.53 Help will NOT work if you have IE 11 browser installed; you must revert to IE 10.  If you already have IE 11 installed when you install UFT 11.53, the installer will not detect or warn of the incompatibility.




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Re: UFT 11.53 Help is blank

Hello Stan,


UFT 11.53 does work with IE 11 in regard to GUI testing.

Please check following ER: http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/LID/QCCR1J67261


I just tested this on Win 7 64bit machine and verified that UFT 11.53 does recognize correctly IE 11.


Regarding UFT Help, yes, it appears to not be displayed in IE11 properly.

I would suggest you use Firefox for it.  (Latest Chrome is also not diplaying it.)


I found that this limitation has already been reported to RnD and they plan to fix it for UFT 12.




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Re: UFT 11.53 Help is blank

Has someone actually tried using UFT 11.53 with IE 11?


From what I understand and, after looking at the link provided (http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/LID/QCCR1J67261), the change request has been approved, and now it is in the action process (as of 1/24/2013) but it does not mean that it is part of the current patches. Am I wrong?

I gets confusing on the next section that reads: "This request is supported starting UFT 11.50 SP3 that is available for download from HP SSO site
There are no plans to support it over older versions of UFT/QTP"


But then again, on the patch documentation, it does not specify that it supports IE 11 nor mentions the change request ID.



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Re: UFT 11.53 Help is blank

My post only pertains to UFT Help. I made no claims with regards to UFT supporting GUI testing in IE 11, though if it's own Help doesn't work with IE 11, one might justifiably be suspicious about the rest. :)