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UFT 11.52 Object Spy

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UFT 11.52 Object Spy



When i spy a webpage using the object spy i see that all the objects under the object hierarchy are displayed with the same icons.

For instance, the browser,webtable etc are all dispalyed with the same image by its side, whearas in earlier version it differs according to the object.


Is this any new change that happened in  UFT or will they be updating this in future?


Snapshot attached.




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Re: UFT 11.52 Object Spy

when i tried this on IE8 and IE9, object spy seems to be working fine (snapshot attached)


os : win 7 64bit

uft: v11.52

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Re: UFT 11.52 Object Spy

Which browser are you using?


This is not normal indeed.

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Re: UFT 11.52 Object Spy

IE 9


32 bit


Re: UFT 11.52 Object Spy

Hi There,


I too have issues in identifying Flex objects thru Object Spy in UFT 11.5x.


- I tried in XP, where it was identifying the flex objects properly

- When tried on Win 7 machine, its not identifying the flex objects


(fyi have added the flex 4.5 plugin)

Have attached the screenshot of both machines, please have a look and let me know if i m missing something.


Thanks in advance,

Raghu, Bangalore



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Re: UFT 11.52 Object Spy

I was having a similar problem. I found a fix. IE has a Zoom level. Right Click on the GEAR (top-right corner), click on/check/enable Status Bar.  Now @ the bottom-right corner of the browser window you will see the Zoom level. Change it to 100%. It worked for me.