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Test an application running into a remote desktop windows

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Test an application running into a remote desktop windows

Hello, this is the scenario:

1) UFT script running on a UFT host (host A)
2) UFT script open a remote desktop connection to a remote host (host B)
2.1) UFT script test an application running on the remote desktop host/window


Is 2.1 feasible?


Of course (and unfortunately) UFT is not installed on host B


thanks and kind regards,

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Re: Test an application running into a remote desktop windows

With QTP, it is not possible. However, with UFT, there may be possible. If you use Insight Recording to record/replay your script. This might be possible. Insight Recording identify the object not on its properties, but on the pre-defined image. With that theory, it may work. But I think you shouldn't maximize your Remote Desktop Window, make it a child window of your Desktop. Please give it a try and let us know whether it works for you :)

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Automate RDP Connections using UFT 11.52

Dear all, Could you please help me how to automate the RDP Connections using UFT?. Below are my requirements, We have a CyberArk Product which helps to connect the remote servers using RDP by Previlledge Session Manager(PSM). Normally when you connect the Server using PSM it Logins into PSM Server(RDP) and then connects to the Target Server using username and password. I would like to automate end to end connection. Steps: 1. Login to Web Page 2. Provide User name and password 3. Connect the Intermediate Server (PSM) as RDP connect. 4. And top of that, connect to Target Server as RDP Connect. Steps 3 and 4 required to automate the Windows Logons. Could you please suggest how to do it using UFT scripts?. Do we have any Plugins to user for this connections? Thanks, Murugan.
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Re: Automate RDP Connections using UFT 11.52



You have to have UFT installed on the HOST remote machines wherever you want to disribute the execution. You can use HP Sprinter or ALM to assign the HOST for each test and execute.

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