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Terminal Emulator (DRIFT2000) Configuration for QTP 11.0

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Terminal Emulator (DRIFT2000) Configuration for QTP 11.0

Hi All,


I am trying to automate Mainframes application which we are launching through DRIFT2000 sessions which is IBM GSA product using QTP 11.

While doing the configuration for TE in QTP i am selecting vendor as IBM.

Also there is NO HLLAPI.dll file present inside DRIFT2000 installation folders so i am selecting 'Emulator does not support HLLAPI.dll' option.

but once all the configurations are done and when i try to record any operation on Mainframe application launched inside DRIFT session nothing gets recorded and QTP, whole system gets hanged.

Could anyone help me fix this problem please ?


Nikhil Saste

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event