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Telerik Controls

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Telerik Controls

Has anyone had much success using Telerik controls with QTP? Alternatively, are there any workarounds that you've found?


We have some telerik dropdowns that QTP refuses to interact with on explorer (the dropdowns themselves become  unusable in record mode, the list that should popup is invisible). In Firefox the dropdowns are usable but won't record.


We've found a bit of a workaround using something siimilar to the statements that follow, but would really prefer to see if anyone else had a better way


Browser(Browser).Page(Page).webelement("class:=t-widget t-dropdown t-header" ,"index:=0").Click // Activates first dropdown'
Browser(Browser).Page(Page).webelement("class:=t-item" ,"index:=1").Click //Selects item in dropdown