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Step Generator only shows first Function Library

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Step Generator only shows first Function Library



Working with qtp 11. Noticed that when I have more than one Associated Function Library, that using the Step Generator Dialog only the top most Function Library is viewable in the operations select list. This also seems to apply to the expert view, where the function paramters are not "prompted" as you type. Is there a means to correct this behavior other than to change the priority of the Libraries?


please advise...

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Re: Step Generator only shows first Function Library



        The step generation display the functions of the function libraries in alphabetic order, even if you have many functionlibraries associated, the step generator made a alphabetic display of all the functions.

       Check if under QTP file>Settings>Resources   you have all the necessary function libraries associated.

       If yes then could you please send some screenshots of what you have on function libraries and what you see on step generator.


Best Regards.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event