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Silverlight objects properties for descriptive programming

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Silverlight objects properties for descriptive programming

We're using UFT 11.5 and Silverlight 5 and we need to create scripts for a web application integrated with silverlight.


We don't have a problem with Record and Play however, we are creating pages, therefore Page Name, some properties and stuff are changing.



Browser("Browser").Page("Page 1").slvWindow("SilverLightWindow").slvObject("Click Button").Click

Browser("Browser").Page("Page 2").slvWindow("SilverLightWindow").slvObject("Click Button").Click


We're thinking of using descriptive programming :
Browser("Title:= Browser.*).Page("Name:= Page.*).blahblahblah


But we're not able to distinguish any property that could be used for silverlight, all other properties available when using object spy is not working or atleast an error stating that object was not found was encountered.


In addition, we've also tried using virtual object but whenever an object was added, it's not possible to record since an error was also encountered.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


- R


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event