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Siebel Logoff and then Login issue with QTP

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Siebel Logoff and then Login issue with QTP


Siebel version: 8.1.1
QTP Version: 11

My scenario: A single Script of QTP should do:::: Log into Siebel and do some actions and then log off. Now, the same script should log into Siebel again with a different user though and do some actions.
Issue: When I log back into Siebel, QTP is unable to recognize the objects. Hence script is not running and getting times out error.

What I noticed: When I logoff…AutoOn from siebel URL is getting removed and hence when I relogin, the process SiebelAx_Test_Automation is not getting started…QTP is unable to run the rest of script.
Can someone please help me by explaining how you have handled this kind of scenario?


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Re: Siebel Logoff and then Login issue with QTP

I guess you should try refreshing the browser after the script logs in for the second time..I worked for me!

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event