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Siebel 8.1 with QTP 10

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Siebel 8.1 with QTP 10

Hi ,


We are planning to migrate t Siebel 8.1 . Currently we are using QTP 10.0 . Do we need to change our QTP version also to QTP 11.0 . How is the compatibility of QTP 10.0 with Siebel 8.1 . Also please let me know about performance of QTP 11.0 with Siebel 8.1.




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Re: Siebel 8.1 with QTP 10

Hi Omkar ,


As per my knowledge , QTP 10 doesn't support Siebel 8.1.


QTP 11 supports Siebel 8.1.1 High Interactivity apps. No patch is required.



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Re: Siebel 8.1 with QTP 10



I am trying to work on Siebel 8.0 (High-interactivity FW) with QTP 11 but QTP is not able to identify Siebel objects. Instead it identifies them as Web objects.


Please provide any possible cause and solution.






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Re: Siebel 8.1 with QTP 10





Confirm the Siebel Test Automation Process is running on your machine:


  1. With QTP closed, open the task manager
  2. Search for the process: Siebel Test Automation.exe 



If you don’t find the process: “SiebelAx_Test_Automation” in your QTP machine task manager this should be the reason of the recognizing fail, since according to the Siebel Add-in documentation,  QTP support Siebel based on the Siebel Test Automation API, so you need to have this process running in your machine.


If it´s not running, you need to modify the Siebel Test Automation module configuration in your Siebel Server side since that module is not part from QuickTest Professional and it ´s not supported by HP Software Support.


The SiebelAx_Test_Automation is not lunched by QTP, is completely handled by the Siebel Server and QTP only uses it to connect with the Siebel CASAPI.


So you should contact your Siebel Administrator and set your Siebel Server to enabled the SiebelAx_Test_Automation.


I have found the following documentation about, but the settings are different depending of the Siebel version you are using, so if it´s not helpful I recommend you to contact Siebel and ask about how to enabled the Siebel Test Automation module for your Siebel Version.


http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM187732 (How to verify that the Siebel Test Automation module is installed)

  • Server Side Configuration:

     A) Add/Change the .CFG file for the Siebel AUT. Add the following to the [SWE] section

       EnableAutomation = TRUE
       AllowAnonUsers = TRUE
       AutoToken = <SecretWord>

    B) Restart the Siebel Server

    C) (optional) Add Automation Token
  • Then launch QuickTest Professional with the Siebel add-in and record against the Siebel 7.7.0 – 7.9.x application.
  • Bring up the Task Manager and look for the following procees: “SiebelAx_Test_Automation”.


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