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Selectively updating objects in UFT?

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Selectively updating objects in UFT?

I know the Maintenance Run Mode can update the objects in the repository; however it runs the entire test from the beginning and updates everything along the way.


The Update Run mode lets you get a bit more selective about what types of things get updated, but the control is limited to types (e.g. all Checkpoints)


Is there any way to selectively update an object in the repository, or to update just the objects in one test action?


Appreciate the help for a newbie!




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Re: Selectively updating objects in UFT?

Over a month later and no responses yet to this question - is it possible to selectively update objects (test objects or checkpoints) in the repository, without updating an entire test?


I would like very much to update single objects such as a single bitmap checkpoint without having to update all objects in the test, which potentially damages other previously refined objects and checkpoints.


Thanks again for the help for a n00b!