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Run Errors in Mercury Tours tutorial, help!

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Run Errors in Mercury Tours tutorial, help!

I'm getting the run errors on the Book a flight page when I run my test. If anyone is familiar with this, I'm on page 117 of the GUI tutorial.


The tutorial makes no mention of errors created intentionally for the sake of training or debugging experience. I checked and double checked my work, all is according to the tutorial.


This is the first error:


The "Book a Flight:Mercury" Page object was not found in the Object Repository.
Check the Object Repository to confirm that the object exists or to find the correct name for the object.
Line (1): "Browser("Book a Flight: Mercury").Page("Book a Flight:Mercury").WebEdit("passFirst0").Set "Joe"".


There are 2 things I wonder for the cause. First of all, the Mercury demo website takes way too long to load when login is clicked. But the run error seems to occur a few pages past the login, so that's probably not it.

However, the Flight finder page which is immediatley before the page that errors causes java to throw a security warning popup and I have to click Run for it to continue. I added the demo URL as an exception in the java console, but that made no difference. I won't lower the security for this.



Also, I'm going through the included GUI tutorial, but it doesn't have any step by step instruction to troubleshoot run errors. Anyone have a good resource for the beginner they can share? Tnx

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event