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Remote Connection (Cannot connect to MACBOOK-C67074:8822 (connection timed out)

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Remote Connection (Cannot connect to MACBOOK-C67074:8822 (connection timed out)

I'm trying out the new remote to mac feature.


1. I have the .dmg file installed successfully on my macbook running Snow Leopard and Browser Safari 5.1.10.

2. When I go to Safari Preferences I can see default port is set to 8822 extension seems fine.

3. I go to System Preferences and double click on the HP UFT Connection Agent and get a pop up message Preference Error You can't open HP UFT Connection Agent preferences because it doesn't work on an Intel-based Mac. (I'm not sure why this message is appearing it wasn't mentioned in the HP UFT guide to installing this Agent.)


Back on my Windows 7 remote machine where I have UFT 12 installed..

1. UFT Record and Run Settings are set for Apple Safari (on remote Mac computer)

2. Host Name or IP. is set up fine. (I'm using host name:8822) I also tried this just using the mac IP address.

3. I click on Remote Connection button.

4. I type in the Host Name:8822 and click Connect.

5. I get a pop up window stating "Cannot connect to MACBOOK-C67074:8822(connection timed out) I also tried mac IP address here and did not work same message appears.


Re: Remote Connection (Cannot connect to MACBOOK-C67074:8822 (connection timed out)

I haven't tried this yet but see that you working on a compatible version of Safari.

UFT 12 supports Safari 6.00 and 6.10 (on Mac OS Mountain Lion 10.8) and Safari 7.00 (on Mac OS Mavericks 10.9)

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Remote Connection "Cannot connect to 8822 (connection timed out)"



Please, I wanna ask you if UFT 12.01 support OS X Yosemite and Safari 8.0.
I’ve tried to connect with the Remote Connection and I got this error message “Cannot connect to 8822 (connection timed out)".



Thanks in advance.

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