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QTP11 & IE9 Patch

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QTP11 & IE9 Patch



Can tou tell me when the request QCCR1J21554 will be resolved ?



QTP11 does not recognize IE9 Download Notification Bar; sees it as DirectUIHWND. The controls inside the navigation bar (SAVE/OPEN/CANCEL) are not recognized by QTP.




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Re: QTP11 & IE9 Patch

Hey, thats done. Get below 3 Add-ins depending on your need:


QTPWEB_00073 - Add Support for IE in Protected Mode

QTPWEB_00078 - Add Support for Internet Explorer 9

QTPWEB_00086 - Support for 64-bit IE Browsers


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Re: QTP11 & IE9 Patch



I installed these 3 add-ins plus QTP_00699 but QTP11 did still not recognize IE9 Download Bar. QTP sees it as "DirectUIHWND".  The controls inside the navigation bar (SAVE/OPEN/CANCEL) are not recognized by QTP.


QTP can click on these controls only with the position of the cursor,  so it can't click when the window's size is different.


Browser("IE9").WinObject("DirectUIHWND").Click 897,74


Another problem is that when QTP clicks on the CANCEL button for example, the initial window (IE9) looses the focus and QTP do anything. My solution is to focus on a button with some "TAB" control but it is fastidious :


Dim mySendKeys

Set mySendKeys = CreateObject("WScript.shell")



and then to press enter to click the button like this :




Thanks for your response.

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Re: QTP11 & IE9 Patch

Use below code to download the file to Dowload folder


Browser("opentitle:=browsertitle").WinObject("nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND","Location:=0").Type micShiftDwn+micRAltDwn + "S"+micShiftUp+micRAltUP Browser("opentitle:=browsertitle").WinObject("nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND","Location:=0").Type micShiftDwn+micRAltDwn + "P"+micShiftUp+micRAltUP



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Re: QTP11 & IE9 Patch



No, this has not been fixed in QTP 11.

According to RnD, the download bar uses a new windowless technology in IE 9 and this is why QTP is not able to properly identify it.


However, UFT 11.5* does support it.


For QTP 11, you can also use following workaround with descriptive programming, provided in this article: 

What are the considerations and limitations when working with Internet Explorer (IE)?


objWidth = WinObject("nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND","regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND", "index:=0").GetROProperty("width")
savebtnY = 61
savebtnX = objWidth - 100
If objWidth < 329 Then
  Browser("creationtime:=0").FullScreen 'or rezise the browser window to show the appropriate coordinates are visible
End if

'This will click the save  dropdown button
'Browser("creationtime:=0").WinObject("nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND","regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND", "index:=0").Click savebtnX, savebtnY

'This will click the save button only
Browser("creationtime:=0").WinObject("nativeclass:=DirectUIHWND","regexpwndclass:=DirectUIHWND", "index:=0").Click savebtnX- 20, savebtnY

 Note: This code is provided as is bases and as an example only. It’s not part of QuickTest Professional and not supported by HP.




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