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QTP new version with Firefox 25

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QTP new version with Firefox 25

What is the latest version of Quick Test Professional Software. How can I get it ?  How much does it cost ?   Can we run test on new version of QTP using Firefox 25 and newly coming versions of Firefox ?   Can .Net frame work 4 based ( ASP .Net applications with C sharp .Net) work on this new version of QTP using Firefox 25.


Please guide me in detail.






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Re: QTP new version with Firefox 25



Latest version of QTP is UFT 11.53, which includes both FT (GUI testing) and ST (API testing) functionality.

You can download UFT 11.5 from following locations:

-              In “My Updates” (with your SAID’s profile) -> http://support.openview.hp.com/software_updates.jsp    

-              In “Trials and Demos” -> http://www8.hp.com/us/en/software-solutions/software.html?compURI=1172957&jumpid=ex_R11374_us/en/large/eb/go_uft_sysreq#


SP 3 for UFT 11.5 you can download from here:

- UFT 11.53 Service Pack

- UFT RRV Service Pack 11.53

- UFT Add-in ServicePack 11.53 for ALM


With it, Firefox is supported up to version 24, however.

You can check all the supported technologies in UFT 11.53's PAM


Regarding costs, you should contact Sales :

- In "Contact Us" -> http://www8.hp.com/us/en/software-solutions/software.html?compURI=1172957 





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