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QTP and Chromium problem

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QTP and Chromium problem



I have a problem with QTP and Chromium embedded in my WinApplication.


I've installed patch QTPWEB_00088 for Google Chrome, so I'm able to see all objects directly via web browser. But I have WinForm application wich has container with Chromium embedded for displaying web pages and when I try to address objects in that window, QTP Object Spy shows it as WebViewHost.


Before I've changed the WinForm app from IE engine to Chromium, QTP Object Spy shows it as WebPage and everything was fine.


Sometimes I have also problem with some pages in Chrome Browser. If I run Chrome and go to www.google.com, QTP doesn't see the objects there until I click on some link a go on another page.


Does anybody have the same problem?

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Re: QTP and Chromium problem

As far as I'm concerned, the only embeded browser supported is IE by using the register new browser functionality, so I don't think chromium is supported currently.


Re: QTP and Chromium problem

Any update on this issue?