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QTP WebElement Click is not working with FF

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QTP WebElement Click is not working with FF


I need to automate business components capable of run on IE and FF, there is an object in my application that is recognized as Button in IE and as WebElement in FF, the issue that i have is that the WebElement click is not working, i have tried to manipulate with Descriptive Programing and also with the Object Repository, but nothing has worked until now, also i tried to get the WebElement childObjects but when the script executes this line, FF crash and inmediatly finish the session.

I am working with QTP 10 and FF 3.6.17, i have installed the Patch that enable QTP work with FF 3.6.x.

Can somebody give me any suggestion?

I'll apreciate your help.

Alina Chavez.
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Re: QTP WebElement Click is not working with FF


For this problem, I got below solution.


I created a Virtual Object for that Button(which is displaying as webelement in FF).


Tools->Virtual Objects->New Virtual Objects.


Then use by click event.


Method -II


Using DeviseReply Method



                  Set obj = CreateObject("Mercury.DeviceReplay")
                  obj.MouseClick 703,279,LEFT_MOUSE_BUTTON



Santhosh Amara