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QTP / UFT connectivity issue

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QTP / UFT connectivity issue

We're having connectivity issue for clients trying to connect to UFT11.52, always getting a "license not found" error when connecting (using a QTP license).

Our UFT is nat'ed behind a public router, we sniffed the session and we basically see :
-incoming UDP packets from client towards port 5093 correctly received
- After 4 seconds, the server is sending back an ICMP TTL Exceed (Fragments reassembly time exceeded) back to the client (and then the client got its license error).

Difficult to trace the source of the issue - Could MTU be one ? apart from the UDP/5093, are there other port forwarding required on the router facing the server ?



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Re: QTP / UFT connectivity issue

Hi Jerome,


Could you please ask this question in the QTP/UFT forum: http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Functional-Testing-QTP/ct-p/sws-Fun_Test ?  This is the QTP/UFT dedicated forum and there the QTP experts can assist you.

Here, in this forum, we are discussing QC/ALM issues.




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