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QTP Java to J2EE impact in Automation Testing

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QTP Java to J2EE impact in Automation Testing



Am using QTP for my automation testing. My application is devloped in JAVA. Now they are going to change the technology to J2EE. So I want to basic change what we have to in our object repostiory and coding.


Kindly do the needful...




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Re: QTP Java to J2EE impact in Automation Testing

Hi Babu ,


If the technology change is for the backend only , then you need not worry.


You need to ask the development team what they are using to create the GUI of the app , will there be changes from previous version.

From QTP , we check the JDK version used in developing the GUI. So if the JDK is a supported version and if there are no custom controls used , QTP will work well.


Even if there are changes , there is no specific suggestion which can be provided here.


1st you need to get information from the development team as to what has been changed in GUI.

Next you can check if QTP is able to recognize all Java objects properly or not.


Once you ensure that Java object recognition is proper , you can run your script in Debug mode.

Whenever QTP fails to recognize an object due to changes in its properties , update its properties using the update option.

This will update the repository as well with the new properties of the objects.


Hope this information helps you.



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