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QTP: How do I record on 1 Oracle App then play on another

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QTP: How do I record on 1 Oracle App then play on another

I am using QTP to load large amounts of data- how can I record on one Oracle application / instance and then "switch" it to record in another.  In the old Loadrunner/VuGen tools, all we had to do was change the URL address and it would point to another instance.  Concept is to build scripts on a dev/test server and then run them in production to configure / load data.   I tried recording just the login / logoff onto a separate instance and then copy the core parts of the original script over, but as expected, the Oracle objects don't exist in the repository unless the entire script is recorded on the target application as well.   Thoughts or suggestions ?

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Re: QTP: How do I record on 1 Oracle App then play on another

QTP scripts replies on object repository(OR) to replay(if you are not using descriptive programming), so I think the issue might be that you only copied the scripts but not the object repository.


An easy way to check this might be:

1. Open the test that you created with your dev/test instance

2. Comment out the login part for the dev/test instance

3. Re-record the login part for the separate instance

4. Run the test to see if it works fine with your separate instance


Note that this modified test might/might not work, because QTP is depending on object property values to identify the objects, if the object property values used in your existing OR do differ from those of the objects in the separate instance, you will need to update them in OR. 


Hope this helps.