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QTP 11 not working with firefox 8.0

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QTP 11 not working with firefox 8.0

Hi, I am using QTP 11 and installed all the patches required for firefox 8.0. But still unable to use firefox browser. Is there any solution?

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Re: QTP 11 not working with firefox 8.0

Please make sure you have installed QTPWEB_00090 and QTPWEB_00092.
If you indeed install these patches, please open your Firefox and check if QTP plug-in is enabled or not. To check this, on Firefox select Tools->Add-ons->Extensions.
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Re: QTP 11 not working with firefox 8.0

Hi, I have installed both the patches but unable to find any QTP extension in FF.

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Re: QTP 11 not working with firefox 8.0




If you have followed the steps from the read-me, you should be able to see the plug-in:

"After installing this patch, if you want to test your Web application on Firefox 8, you need to enable QuickTest support,
in any of the following ways:
 --If the 'Select Your Add-ons' screen is displayed when opening Firefox, select to keep the
     'QuickTest Professional 11.00 Plugin'
 --If the 'Install Add-on' tab opens and displays 'QuickTest Professional 11.00 Plugin 11.00' when opening Firefox,
     select the 'Allow this installation' check box and click 'Continue'.
  1) In Firefox, select Tools > Add-ons.
  2) In the General tab, click Manage Add-ons.
  3) In the Add-ons Manager tab, select the Extensions node.
  4) Click the 'Enable' button in the 'QuickTest Professional 11.00 PlugIn 11.00' row."

and also pay attention to the following :

" If a previously unsupported Firefox version is already installed on the computer prior to installing this patch:
  If UAC (User Account Control) isenabled, you need to start QuickTest at least one time using the
    "Run as administrator" mode after installing this patch.".


Keep us updated with the results!


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Re: QTP 11 not working with firefox 8.0



Does QTP not support the latest version of Firefox as well? I am using FF17  and QTP 11.0 with all patches installed. But I cant work with QTP n FF.