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QTP 10 and IE 8 - Unable to Navigate URL.

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QTP 10 and IE 8 - Unable to Navigate URL.


Hi Friends


I have Installed QTP 10.0 and IE 8.0. I installed the patch for IE8.0 from



Now, when I try to run the below script , Iam unable to navigate to URL ( www.google.com). I am able to get the handle of the browser , the third step executes successfully but still the www.google.com page does not appears, instead I still see the "About:blank"


  SystemUtil.Run "iexplore.exe", "about:blank"
  handle = Browser("title:=Blank Page.*").GetROProperty("hwnd") 
  Browser("hwnd:="& handle).Navigate "www.google.com"



earlier , These were working fine properly ,but then Since I wanted to test on IE 7 , I uninstalled IE 8 , then when I tried to install IE 8 and ran again, it gives me problem. I have uninstalled and installed QTP 10 also , but still no luck


Help me guys

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Re: QTP 10 and IE 8 - Unable to Navigate URL.


Make sure the BHOManager Add-on is enable.

1) Close all instances of Internet Explorer.
2) Open a new browser window.
3) Go to Tools > Manage Add-ons > Select BHOManager Class > Click on the "Enable" button.

Hope this helps.
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Re: QTP 10 and IE 8 - Unable to Navigate URL.

Wonderful, That worked .... Thanks a lot !!!!!!!