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Need help with debugging

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Need help with debugging

I'm new to this field and I want to try to learn how to use QTP (UFT). I seem to fail when QTP stops on an error in my vbscript. For example, if I run a test and it stops on a run error for something in my website because it does not have what the script expected (could be a button, form label, etc..), then my confusion begins.

Is there a good tutorial just on debugging? Step by step using the tools available in QTP? for debugging?



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Re: Need help with debugging

Hi TheNewGuy,

You might find useful to review the information in the UFT 11.53 Guide: http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM00225579

On page 675, "Debugging Tests and Components"

I hope it helps.

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Re: Need help with debugging



    Also you may find this kb article useful:

    How to debug test scripts and custom functions?




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